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2017 Intelligent Manufacturing World Tour Japan articles

Time:2018-01-08 Views:207
With the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the rise of industrial revolution, intelligent manufacturing is becoming an important direction for manufacturing changes in the world and the commanding height of competition. Major manufacturing countries have introduced relevant strategies and policies to promote smart manufacturing to seize the high ground of a new round of industrial development. Advanced Manufacturing All-media based on the manufacturing sector, service industry development, will launch the "2017 Smart Manufacturing World Tour" series of articles for you to sort out and summarize major smart manufacturing countries and regions in 2017 major issues. Introduced today is the Japanese articles of the robot chapter.
As a powerhouse for robotics, Japan achieved very rich results in 2017 and is closely integrated with its national conditions. Based on the serious population aging, low fertility, labor shortage and frequent earthquake disasters, Japan has made great efforts to develop medical and nursing robots, industrial robots And rescue robots.
In April 2017, Tmsuk R & D Inc., a Japanese medical venture capital firm, partnered with Tottori University Hospital to develop a 3D printing simulation robot called Mikoto, designed to help train young doctors, medical students and emergency responders. Students can learn and explore by simulating the operation of the robot to improve the combat capability and ensure the patient‘s life safety.
In May, Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan developed a lightweight four-legged robot that can carry heavy loads. The chemical fibers are used at the joints of the robot joints to make the machine lighter and more powerful, delivering 3 times the output power of an equivalent weight robot. The machine is free to walk on rugged roads at disastrous sites such as collapsed houses, helping to transport aid and rescue stranded people. The research team will further improve the invention to put it into practical use as soon as possible.
In June, a research group at Northeastern University in Japan developed a snake-like robot with an air jet that raises the body by jetting air down when it encounters obstacles. According to the researchers, this is the world‘s first serpentine robot with air-blasting capability to perform tasks such as searching for victims in collapsed buildings.
In July, ZMP, a Japanese robot development start-up company, released a delivery robot named CarriRo Delivery. It is like a large box with wheels, equipped with a delivery box, camera and radar to identify the surrounding environment while traveling, and to deliver the goods to the customer‘s door. CarriRo can carry up to 100 kilograms of items, ZMP plans to use it to deliver small UAV difficult to deliver food.
In July, the JEM Internal Ball photographic 3D printing robot, jointly developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and University of Tokyo, was sent to the International Space Station to test the application of related technologies. Soon, it sends back the first captured image and the first video. The robot‘s induction can reduce the pressure on astronauts shooting.
In August, auto giant Honda launched its latest version of the ASIMO robot, the biggest highlight of which is a breakthrough in hand activity. ASIMO has 13 free-movement axes in each hand, making it a qualified sign language player. At the same time, Honda has also improved ASIMO‘s lower limbs to make it better balanced and to climb the stairs faster and more smoothly. Overall, ASIMO is now able to do a lot of work similar to human activities, and Honda‘s ultimate goal is to let it into the mass family and take care of babies, the elderly and disabled people, patients such daily work really become a good helper at home.
In September, to solve the shortage of kindergartens in Japan, Global Bridge Holdings, a Tokyo-based start-up, began testing a new service that uses bear-type robot Vevo and sensors to share kindergarten teachers‘ work. The robot recognizes children, greets them, and helps them to measure their body temperature. At nap, sensors built into the kindergarten monitor the heart rate and body movements to make sure the child is still breathing. If an abnormal situation is detected, the alarm system immediately notifies the teacher.
As a powerhouse for robotics, Japan achieved very rich results in 2017 and is closely integrated with its national conditions. Based on the serious population aging, low fertility, labor shortage and frequent earthquake disasters, Japan is focusing on research and development of medical and nursing robots, industrial robots And rescue robots. Next, we will turn our attention to the drone industry to see what progress Japan has made in this regard.
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